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How correctly to compare price offers?
To objectively compare price proposals, they must have the same trading period and type of price. To calculate the difference for kWh with the current price, the only position you have to compare on the account is the “price of electricity”, other costs, incl. system services, mandatory components of procurement, the fee for the installed capacity will remain unchanged, regardless of which electricity trader you contract with.
What is the balancing service?
The balancing service is destined for the covering of the difference of the planned and the actually used electricity by the end-user. The balancing service provider is the transmission system operator PLC Augstsprieguma tīkls or the trader of the electricity that has concluded a contract with the transmission system operator PLC Augstsprieguma tīkls.
What time does it take to prepare the electricity purchase agreement and the system service agreement?
The electricity purchase agreement is prepared and sent via e-mail immediately after the agreement with the trader. The system service agreement, if the client had not concluded it previously, is prepared and sent within one month after the change of the trader.
Where it is possible to research the system service agreement?
It is possible to get acquainted with the system service contract and its annex in the homepage of the JSC Sadales tīkls.
What are the compulsory purchase components, why do I have to pay for them?
Compulsory purchase – the compulsory purchase of electricity is a state-defined support mechanism for electricity producers anticipating the financing from the payments of end-user of electricity.

Compulsory purchase components – compensates additional public trader’s expenses which arises from the purchasing of the electricity within the compulsory purchase. The expanses of the compulsory electricity purchase are covered by all Latvian end-users proportionally to their electricity consumption. The components of the compulsory purchase are approved by the Public Utility Commission. They are signed and changed once a year on April 1.

The customer has had temporary disconnections that have caused significant damage. Will such kind of issues be solved? Who shall be responsible for this: LLC Inter RAO Latvia of JSC Sadales tīkls? Are guaranteed supply solutions possible?
It is possible to resolve such problems, but they are directly dependant from the system operators – PLC Sadales Tīkls and PLC Augstspriegumu tīkls. Currently, different guaranteed supply solutions are available in Latvia, but Inter RAO Latvia Ltd. or PLC Sadales Tīkls currently do not offer such services.