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“INTER RAO Latvia” sums up the results of 2014

Year 2014 has been the third year of activity in the Latvian electricity market for the INTER RAO Latvia Ltd. (First trading agreements with participants of Latvian open electricity market the company concluded in April 2012).

In 2014, the company successfully continued its activity by increasing turnover to EUR 21 million which is approximately two times more than in the last year. The total volume of electricity sold compared to the previous year has increased by half, reaching almost 440 GWh. (203.8 GWh in 2013)

After a difficult 2013, the correctly chosen risk management tools have allowed to effectively avoid financial risks caused by fluctuations in the market price, thus reducing their impact on the financial results of INTER RAO Latvia Ltd.

The results show that in 2014 the company has successfully continued to increase sales and has managed to encourage new customers to start cooperation.

INTER RAO Latvia Ltd. is proud and grateful to those 80% of existing customers who have already repeatedly chosen to continue cooperation in the next period. This is the most direct way of confirming that customers appreciate loyalty and clear cooperation conditions of the company, and that they are satisfied with the quality of the provided service.

In 2015, the company aims to strengthen its position in the Latvian electricity market among the leading players in the market.