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“INTER RAO Latvia” sums up the results of 2013 and has an optimistic look ahead

On 2013 “INTER RAO Latvia, Ltd.” distributed 175.71 GWh to the electricity market players, and that is 10 times more comparing to the previous year when on April 1 the enterprise started selling the electricity to the Latvia’s open electricity market players. Such rapid volume growth is related to the fact that at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 “INTER RAO Latvia, Ltd.” entered into agreements with several lead industrial enterprises in Latvia.

As the enterprise offers fixed price agreements for a specified period of time up to one year to its customers, “INTER RAO Latvia, Ltd.” customers are protected from the long-term commitments. Reliability and responsibility towards a customer and its business is the reason why the enterprise still does not offer services whose foundation is a chain of uncertain factors, which makes a customer to undertake the risk of market price fluctuation.

On 2013, 99.5% of the initial customers made a decision to continue cooperation confirming that the enterprise has become stable and reliable collaboration partner. Thanks to the active participation in the electricity procurement tenders organized by state and municipalities, the enterprise has concluded agreements on the electricity selling with Daugavpils municipality, Varakļāni municipality and Bauska municipality, SJSC RIGA International Airport, the State Employment Agency, the State Forest Service and others.

Our task for 2014 is to promote the identification of enterprise and, by putting into practice all our knowledge and experience, successfully continue the work in hand ensuring our customers with high-quality service.