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“INTER RAO Latvia” announces results for 2018

In 2018, the price level of the NordPool Electricity Exchange increased significantly, which stimulated traders to balance risks in relation to price fluctuations.  Concurrently, consumers were able to make better informed decisions that led them to become more energy efficient.

Within this context, the strategy of SIA INTER RAO Latvia was to limit the volume of trading deals for a fixed price, and as a result the volume of the retail portfolio was reduced to 268 GWh, and the priority was continued focus and cooperation with regular customers. We are proud to have made the decision to take this step, which in turn reduced the potential losses in 2018 to 35 thousand.

We are grateful to all of our customers and partners for the confidence and appreciation of INTER RAO Latvia as a reliable and stable company that guarantees the fulfillment of its obligations.