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"INTER RAO Lietuva" Group announces financial results for 1Q 2016

  • Revenue from sales in 1Q 2016 decreased by 5.64% y/y to EUR 46.1 million, due to lower electricity prices in the Baltic States.
  • Group’s gross profit equalled to EUR 6.25 million, versus EUR 7.9million in1Q 2015.
  • Group’s EBITDA amounted to EUR 5.25 million while EBITDA margin accounted for 11.4 percent compared to 14.05 percent a year ago.
  • Operating profit reached EUR 4.6 million, versus EUR 6.2 million in1Q 2015.
  • Group’s net profit was EUR 3.8 million compared to EUR 5.2 million a year ago.
  • Electricity trading volume was 1 193 GWh, compared to 1 171 GWh in the1Q 2015.
  • The electricity trading volume in Poland: 78 GWh, compared to 60 GWh a year ago.