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"INTER RAO Lietuva" Group announces financial results for 1H 2015

  • Group’s gross profit increased by 16.08% to EUR 13.84 million from EUR 10.41 million in 1H 2014.
  • Operating profit reached EUR 10.45 million, versus EUR 7.36 million in 1H 2014.
  • Group’s net profit increased to EUR 8.64 million from EUR 5.95 million in 1H 2014.
  • Group’s EBITDA increased to EUR 11.69 million while EBITDA margin increased to 13.58%  from 9.29% a year ago.
  • Electricity trading volume was 2 047 GWh, compared to 1 970 GWh in the 1H 2014.
  • Revenue from sales decreased by 8.1%, to EUR 86.09 million, compared to EUR 93.72 million in the 1H 2014,due to the continuous changes in trading structure, further diversification of trading portfolio between countries and lower electricity prices in the markets.
  • The electricity trading volume in Poland increased from 4 GWh in the 1H 2014 to 128 GWh in the 1H 2015.